Henk Henderson and Llewellyn Steenkamp have more than 20 years of entrepreneurial skills. Both of them manage their own companies, Henk Henderson: Henderson worx, De Harte Wedding Venue and Llewellyn Steenkamp: Coffee Ties & Co and Llewellyn Photography. Because of their years of experiences they took both of their skills, influences in life, visions and started something very close to their hearts Dekas & Co.




Llewellyn Steenkamp and Henk Henderson started one of their life long dreams, making and selling all things beautiful in the midst of COVID 19, 2020.  As both of their other businesses did not make any income during this time they thought it would be a great idea to start selling industrial furniture that they have always been making for their own home. It was an instant success. They started selling their own designs and custom mades to clients and celebrities all around South Africa.




DEKAS & CO grew quicker than they could ever imagine. So they decided to take DEKAS & CO into the retail arena. And they did by opening up the first DEKAS & CO store at 44 STANLEY, BRAAMFONTEIN WERF.


The store sell an extensive range of all their own designs, antiques and home décor that fits their niche.


Visit their online platforms and store to see how they have put together all influences in their own life into their new brand DEKAS & CO.